The boyfriend shirt

When you sneak into your boyfriend wardrobe, it can only mean two things; either you are running out of things to wear and you need to go shop or it mean it is Spring 2014 and boyfriend look is just too tempting to resist.

If you don’t have any boyfriend to steel a shirt from, just go thrift shopping and find your self a boyfriend shirt. You’ll get the same look!

In today’s look , I had fun playing with genders by mixing my very men like shirt with the most girly accessories. Find your own boyfriend look. If you can’t thrift shop a boyfriend you surely can thrift shop a boyfriend look:)

Shirt: Bought fro 6$
Belt: Bought for 2$
Lime purse: Bought for 10$
Earring: Bought for 2$
Bow bracelet: Bought for 7$
Shoes: Bought for 7 $

Total value of this look: 34$


Photograph: Bruno Berthelet 


Would you dare white head to toe?

Total value of this look : 33$

I am not the type of girl that can wear white without having it stained after 5 minutes with Cola, spaghetti sauce, subway dirt or any other undesirables. My question is, who is that type of girl? I don’t know any! Do you? So please, just dare to wear white, head to toe without any fear! In today’s look that is what my expression mean: I wear white, I look fantastic, and fuck yeah it will be stained by the end of the day.

Spring after spring white come back and this spring is not left aside. Calvin Klein collection, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Derek Lam and the unforgettable collection of Prabal Gurung are there to remind us that white is not going out of style yet. If you dare white head to toe for the first time, just play it easy. White jeans paired with one of those nice white knit sweater and you will have the perfect spring look. The spanish brand Sita Murt do it beautifully.

By the way, thank you to the type of girl that can wear white without having it stained. Because of you I found a spotless pair of white high waist Calvin Klein jeans for 10$…

Fashion soldier

The military look…just a trend or a classic? Are we never going to be tired of it? It seems, it will never run out of style. This season again many designers felt inspired by army tones, details and cuts. Looks that are going to war? Certainly not, but for sure looks that are kicking ass.

Whether it is  in a very glamor way  in Valentino’s couture show, or in a more chic prêt à porter look for Paul & Joe. Structured & trimmed with fur at Fendi’s or in a casual boyfriend look at Alessandro Dell’Acqua.  Aren’t we just loving army inspired looks?

No one can talk about military trend with out going on & on about Balmain Fall 14 show. Lovers of cargo pockets you are served, safari leather jacket with jumbo cargo pocket, leather skirt, khaki leather blazer, cargo leather one piece. Cargo, cargo, cargo, leather, leather, leather…Looks that are just to die for!

Before you go crazy and start looking for the perfect leather pant and/or blazer to get the Fall 14 Balmain attitude. Let me be a fashion soldier for a sec. Anyone heard of Hazaribagh in Bangladesh? With more then 200 leather tanneries this 200 000 populated slum just been rated in the top five most toxic place on earth.  The leather tanneries of Hazaribagh evacuate 22,000 cubic meters of untreated liquid toxic waste daily into the Buriganga river to keep up with a demand always going-up from westerns countries looking for luxury leather goods at a cheap price. Making research, I have discovered this amazing Montreal based photographer Daniel Lanteigne . Just click on this link, his project Colors of Water is breathtaking and so very colorful in quite a chocking way. If you are wondering to know how hell looks like, Hazaribagh might be a pretty close picture.

I am not saying don’t buy leather anymore. I love leather! All I am saying is, if you have any leather goods to buy this season, just try to find it second hand. If you don’t find anything thrift that please your eyes, embrace the military trend and be a fashion soldier by avoiding buying leather goods from Bangladesh.

Sweater : Bought for 8$
Leather pant : Bought for 8$
Sunglasses : Bought for 3$
Clutch : Bought for 5$
Necklace : Bought for 5$
Earring : Bought for 3$
Shoes : Bought for 15$
Gloves : Bought for 7$

Total value of this look : 54$

Look photo : Bruno Berthelet

Chunky knits + midi skirt = today’s look

Chunky knits + midi skirts = Today’s look

If you imagine chunky knits in your head, to what level do you get? I thought today’s look sweater, was pretty chunky. But there might be chunkier right?

In life, it appears that there are always people to push things further & bring it to another level. In regards to knit chunkiness, to what level can it get?

As I was researching I fell on few interesting things.

First, anyone heard of arm knitting? As silly as it sound it is the right direction for chunkiness. Either for big scarf or for interior design stuff, arm knitting gives fantastic result!

Wait there is chunkier.

Artist Laura Elizabeth Davis, with her knitting skills has been designing one of Diesel concept store window a couple years ago. My saying is, if you got to be two, to be able to knit, girl you are in for a chunky project.

Wait there is chunkier

Ok just fell in love yesterday, with this Germain artist, Bauke Knottnerus.  With his modern twist to knit, he has been redefining boundaries of knits chunkiness. His project, Phat knit, is a series of giant thread, knit together to create interior products. If you don’t have enough of the pictures I just linked, go see this video it’s flabbergasting!

The twist this season with your chunky knits is to where them with a midi length skirt. Not too long, not to short, just few inches bellow knee. Last week I was talking about wearing your long sweater as a dress. Not ready for it yet? Just pair it with the midi length skirt. PreenMickeal KorsHugo Boss &Oscar de la Renta are on it, have a look!

Sweater : Bought for 6 $
Skirt : Bought for 6 $
Hat : Bought for 2 $
Clutch : Bought for 5 $
Brooch : Bought for 3 $
Shoes : Bought for 15 $

Total value of this look : 37$

Look photo Bruno Berthelet

Up-cycled wedding dress? Why not!

First let’s talk about the skirt which originally was this, oh god so awful wedding dress I have found at Renaissance.There was fluffy sleeves & a very uncomfortable high neck, all made of organza. For those who don’t know what organza is or feel like, well let’s just say, not a suitable fabric for sleeves or high neck. That being said, the embroidery pattern on that organza was really beautiful & inspiring. With that crinoline trend going on & all this enthusiasm around skirts in catwalks, I just took my scissor & turn that dress into a skirt. If you have not seen Rochas spring 14 collection yet please just do it at this very second & you will understand my buzz. Pastel, crinoline, romance & oups, mix with just a little tint of sport spirit. Just beautiful! I would also like to share with you my true inspiration for this look, from Adam Lippes spring 14. Mmmm one more thing, are you ready for my velcro running shoes? You don’t buy the dressy skirt mix with the training shoes yet… Go see Chanel Spring 14 couture show.

Uvex goggles : Cost 10 $
Bling earring : Cost 3$
Clutch : Cost 5 $
Skirt : Cost 15$
Velcro running shoes : Cost 6$
Silk scarf : Cost 4$

Total value : 53$

Look photo Bruno Berthelet