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What I want to talk about; is my scarf!

I know, I know…this look tells alot…Bright colors big hit, wear them bold even better. Two pieces set you can’t go wrong, short length skirt don’t be shy. Blossom accessories always cute, a gold cat brooch a girl have her reasons…but what I really want to talk about is my scarf!

Seriously, it’s summer now, if at this point you have not found the one thing to jazz up your look for the summer…STOP LOOKING! you just need a scarf…mmmm and youtube. I just spent the last hour watching tutorials on how to wear headscarf (busy schedule right).  I wish I would have watched those videos before the shoot of todays look! Although my look is pretty out there, my scarf styling is pretty conservative compare to what I saw.

Here are my favorites, have a look!

How to wear headscarf: Link 1
How to wear headscarf: Link 2

The good news is, scarf is the easiest and probably the cheapest thing to thrift shop! So just go thrift yourself a few scarves and have a blast finding your own way of wearing it:)

Two pieces set: Bought for 10.50$
Scarf: Bought for 4$
Cat brooch: Bought for 3$
Ivory purse: Bought for 5$
Flower earring: Bought for 2$
Flower ring: Bought for 2$
Aldo heels: 7$

Total value of this look: 33$

Look photo: Bruno Berthelet



Gingham stories

It’s not a secret, gingham fabric was all over the place this season. Derek Lam, Balmain, Oscar de la Renta, Delpozo & many others been starring that material. I really felt I wanted to make a gingham inspired look. After looking around I finally found that pair of pant…and not so far was that quirky shirt. You can never go wrong mixing gingham with flower print but if you want to tone down the ” cute ” a bit just mix it with denim or a cool biker jacket.

5 facts about gingham fabric

#1 – The word gingham come from the Malay word genggang meaning striped. Since the fabric was manufactured in Dutch-colonised Malaysia, it was exported to Europe in the 17th Century and later to the USA before local manufactures was set up in the 18th Century.

#2 – Costume designer Adrian’s (1903-1959) styled a gingham dress for Katharine Hepburn in the movie The Philadelphia Story (1940) and also in The Wizard of Oz (1939) for Judy Garland. This was more then enough to start a trend of gingham dresses that continues throughout the 1940s.

#3 – In the 50’s the rockabilly look is also rising in popularity in America, taking its influences both from country n’ western and rock n’ roll styles. Men’s gingham shirts are worn by women, often tying off the shirt tails to pull off a feminine hourglass look with jeans. Anybody thinking about Marilyn Monroe

#4 – The mod fashion in the UK makes men’s gingham shirts a popular look. Fred Perry shirts in gingham become a big trend for mods.

#5 – Inspired by Dolly Parton, Miley Cyrus performs Gals in Gingam during her Bangerz tour.

For more details go visit the amazing blog V is for Vintage^_^

About this look

Gingham pant: Bought for 5 $
Shirt: Bought for 4$
Purse:  Bought for 10 $
Earring: Bought for 3$
Bracelet: Bought for 2$
Ring: Bought for 2$
Calvin Klein sandals: Bought for 7 $
Total value of this look: 33$

 Look photograph : Bruno Berthelet

Featuring: Thrift swap with Berlin based blogger Sheri Pavlovic

This post is much fun because I am featuring the thrift founds of a swap I made with Berlin based blogger Sheri Pavlovic. As we both share the same passion for thrifting we decided few months ago we should swap some of our thrifted founds. I have been choosing couple of things for her, send it over to Berlin and she did the same for me. Few weeks later, I was in front of a nice package full of Berlin thrifted founds. Felt like it was Christmas and for sure something I want to do again!!! This week looks is mostly made of what Sheri’s had found for me.

From Sheri
Top: Cost 2 Euros
Necklace ( belt ): Cost €0.50
Clutch:  Cost €1
Scarf & earrings: Cost nothing these were Inherited from her husband’s great aunt

*My add on
Denim: Cost 2,75 at Certex
Shoes: Ok I am cheating these are Irregular Choice shoes that I paid 30$ at Winners. Not technically thrifted but hell of a good deal:)

If you’re curious to see what I have thrift for her please head to her blog but before here are a few questions I was having for Sheri that I’d like to share with you:)

Meet Sheri Pavlovic blogger of Confessions of a refashionista

1.Tell us about “Confessions of a Refashionista”.
As I’d lived a rather extraordinary existence in North America, Japan, England and Greece before finally settling in Germany my blog was originally planned as a place to share my world travelling adventures. However, that soon changed when I inherited an elderly sewing machine, dusted off some brain cells, cleaned out my wardrobe & had a go at re-creating old clothes & upcycling thrifted fabrics into cool new gear! 

Having avoided sewing machines since I spectacularly failed Home Ec in school, (eons ago, when they still forced hausfrau studies onto unsuspecting art geeks) my aim is to prove that even those who haven’t a clue how to thread a machine can begin (re)creating fantastic fashions & decor, all it takes is a bit of imagination & practice. After 3 short years I can proudly say that 99% of my wardrobe is thrifted & handmade and I’ve shared over 300 step-by-step tutorials for everything from groovy clothing & accessories to funky home decor on my blog!

2.What is the most expensive thing you’ve ever thrifted?
My most recent purchase is actually the most expensive: a 1950’s kitchen buffet cabinet for 100 euros. It needs some tender loving care but will be a fabulous addition to my growing collection of vintage furniture once it’s cleaned up.

3. And the least expensive thing you’ve thrifted?
The charity shop that I frequent has a “for free” box containing items that have sat on the shelf for too long…a bit of digging usually reveals a fantastic freebie!

4.Your favorite thrifted items?
All things vintage & quirky!

5.Weirdest thing you’ve thrifted?

Hmmm…that’s a tough one…I don’t think anything I thrift is weird…although I’m always on the hunt for kooky vintage taxidermy!

6. Your favorite thrift store?
I love wandering the aisles of my local “Sozialladen” (Charity shop) & a Sunday morning trip to the “Flohmarkt” (flea market) is always welcome!

7. Your favorite DIY project?
With so many varied projects to choose from it is impossible to select just one! (take a peek at my tutorial index…)

Boyfriend jeans

I’m telling you, if you still don’t have any boyfriend jeans in your wardrobe, you gotta go out there and find your self a pair. If you have been looking and looking and yet, have not found your perfect fit…stop looking and just go straight to the guys section of your favorite thrift shop. Wear them with heels and a casual shirt. If you feel like setting free the wild cat living inside you go crazy and ripped them where you feel it. You will just get THE hit look!
Boyfriend jeans : Bought for 7$ at V&V
White shirt : Bought for 5$ at Renaissance
Black blouse : Bought for 7$ at Renaissance
Purse : Bought for 6 $ at V&V
Flower shoes : Bought for 10$ at V&V
Black com : Bought for 10$ at Marché St-Michel
Earring & ring : Bought for 3$ at Marché St-Michel
Total value of this look : 48$